Bentonite Clay: Your $8 Secret Weapon to Beautiful Skin

When I was growing up, I literally imagined a one cure all to my acne. Something that didn’t require a tedious regimen and constant check ups to a dermatologist. Or when I became older and responsible for my own copayments, something that didn't require constant visits to a drugstore or the Sephora. 

I’m not saying that I’ve found the 8th wonder of the world of skincare, but at a discounted price of about $8.00 for a jar, this product helps when budgeting becomes the priority.  

Bentonite clay, sometimes is a natural mineral formed from the ash of volcanoes. Scientist W C Knight studied the material and coined the name “bentonite” after Fort Benton, WY, which the largest source of clay can be found. 

The reason bentonite clay is such a dynamic skincare product because it’s highly charged with negative ions. These ions look to attract to positive ions once it’s activated. Or in simpler terms, just add water. 

It’s easy to use, cheap, and more than likely sourced at your nearest grocery store. If not, you can easily find it online. 

Generally I wouldn't be as partial to a single product, but for a cheap fix to breakouts, scaring, and giving your skin a good clean, this might be an option to try. Here are some popular ways bentoniteclay can be a new staple in your regimen. 

1. Provides a Deep Clean For the Skin

Between, sweat, pollution, and makeup, your skin needs a deep cleaning from time to time. This is not news, and any case of a bad breakout will alert said person of this need. Bentonite clay can detoxify your skin by attracting all of the gunk from your pores. The negatively charged ions attract the gunk from your pores, allowing for a clean, refreshed face. The best part is the ease that comes with making this mask. Simple mix a small amount of water with the clay until you make a paste. 

2. Reduces Oily Skin

Bentonite clay sucks out stale sebum and excess oils within the skin and on its surface. It also diminishes large pores which reduces the amount of sebum secreted onto the skin. If you'd like to add some punch to your mask, consider adding 1 drop of tea tree oil to your bentonite paste for a tingly, natural method of reducing oil. 

3.  Reduces Blemishes & Dark Spots

Fighting breakouts is rarely the end all, as many blemishes can leaves dark marks and other discoloration. However, regular use of a bentonite clay face mask helps reduce blemishes, dark spots, scars and discolored skin. The classy lifts off the dark dead cells on the blemishes, which slowly reveals new, healthy skin overtime

4. Good Bye Dead Skin Cells

Exfoliating you skin is as important as moisturizing it properly. Dead skin cells, developed over time on the skin surface, give your skin an uneven tone and aged look. Bentonite clay mask help to remove this debris from the skins surface, revealing softer, brighter skin. While the mask has natural exfoliating properties, the process of removing the mask asset in sloughy off the dead skin cells as well. Just be sure to was the mask off gently to avoid any irritation. 

This story was written by Beauty Anthropology Founder and Editor-in-Chief Victoria Janelle Wright. Want to be featured? Contact us today!

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