4 Important Tips to Follow For Your First Tarot Reading

So you’re contemplating a weighty question and you need some expert advice. Out of curiosity, you decide to get your first tarot card reading.

Naha Armády, Tarot Card Reader

Naha Armády, Tarot Card Reader

“It’s kind of like a different type of talk therapy,” says reader Naha Armády, who is the senior healer and teacher at LA’s metaphysical mecca, House of Intuition. She also is the founder of 22 Teachings School of Hermetic Science and Magical Arts. She is a tarot archivist and reader for over 20 years.

Before your cards are selected, here are some helpful tips to follow.

Sterling Mire

Sterling Mire

Should you schedule a tarot reading in person or over the phone?

“[There’s] no difference at all,” says Los Angeles based reader Sterling. The gifted reader has read for celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen, Constance Zimmer, Jenna-Dawan Tatum, and Lauren Lupkus.

She says that some seek out a tarot reading to receive keen advice in multiple areas: career issues, relationships, and sometimes to connect with those who have passed on.

“If they’re able to tell you about people who aren’t in the room, why wouldn’t you be able to do it [tarot] during a phone reading?”

And Naha agrees.

However, she suggested that as a first-time visitor, it could be best to visit a reader in person. Naha says that often this experience helps you to relax, leading to a better connection. If you do opt for a phone reading your first go around, Naha says there’s one tip you need to follow.

“Sit and be centered and take the time to really connect with a person.” So turn off the technology and find a comfortable, quiet spot.

Should You Go to a Reader with Specific Skills?

When you seek a reader, you’ll discover many like to use certain techniques, such a clairvoyance, crystals, or sometimes no tools at all. So it’s safe to ask, does it matter what kind of skill set a reader uses during a reading? “Some psychics rely on one mode for their information, and some work in tandem with all of them,” says Sterling. “There will be this heavy prescience or energy around one or the other.” For Sterling, she says that certain images, numbers, or energy will come to her depending on the question. She also warrants that regardless of the tools used, reading tarot cards doesn’t come from a how-to book. Instead, it’s about the larger story of what the cards convey.

What Type of Answers Can you Expect During Your Reading

We know Ms. Cleo prophesied whether or not you would win the lottery, but there’s a reason why the television phenomenon was proved to be a hoax.

When getting a reading, Naha and Sterling warn against looking for direct answers to questions. Instead, psychics can gauge the energy of a certain inquiry, such as should you move to one city or another.

“It wouldn’t just be a flat out yes or no answer. It would be more of a clarification or description or an explanation as to why. And the answer could be much more complex,” says Sterling.

She also says that you can’t always deflect the issues that are the most pressing in your life, even if you’re not that in the mood to talk about it. So don’t try to avoid discussing the truth that you miss your ex.

“It’s going to come up anyway. It’s the thing that has the most energy and the thing that’s calling for the most completion and clarity.”

What You Should Take Away from Your Reading

“Things may not always make sense right away,” says Naha. “Allow some time to digest what you hear, and even if you hear something you didn’t expect or agree with, give it a chance, it will make sense in time.” She says that if you’re reluctant to what the cards reveal, it probably means that you’re not ready for a reading.

“If you’re not willing to hear any answer, then you shouldn’t be asking the question,” says Naha. “You don’t have to be a complete believer,” Sterling advises, “But it is important to have an open mind. Look for the value in what you get.”

Both readers agree that exploring the answers is an opportunity to make the positive changes that you desire.

Any red flags to watch out for?

“You want to make sure the reader is very clear and communicative before you book with them,” says Sterling. “If they’re being pushy, or are they’re trying to manipulate, it’s an indication that you’re speaking with the wrong one.”

Naha warned that paying a reader an enormous amount of money to remove a curse is a huge indication that you’re being bamboozled.

“If you leave a reading feeling more fearful than when you went, it’s probably not a reader you should go back to.”

“You don’t have to be a complete believer,” Sterling advises, “But it is important to have an open mind. Look for the value in what you get.”

So now you’re equipped with some expert tips to review before for your first tarot card reading. However, both Sterling and Naha agree that you must trust your intuition, understand that you have the power to manifest your own destiny and be ready to do some emotional work to make positive changes in your life. These will lead to the outcome you want.

“Life is a combination of destiny and free will. Understanding the difference between destiny and free will helps us to understand who we how and how to affect change,” says Sterling. “Free will is our creative side and destiny is what we are predisposed to doing and being but we are not limited to our destiny and have more say in the choices we make and the experiences we have in life.”

And one last tip. What are the best times to get readings? Naha suggested that birthdays and full moons, as well as equinox cycles, are a good time due to the energy that these dates generate.

“If you are intentional in getting your reading, at a time that may be more powerful, the reading may speak to you on a deeper level”.

You can contact Sterling at http://www.intuitivelifebysterling.com Naha (@naha99) can be reached at www.houseofintuitionLA.com and 22teachings.coM

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